ella ballentine
E l l a B a l l e n t i n e
A c t r e s s, Toronto ON
Represented by Noble Caplan Abrams
R e p r e s e n t e b y   N o r b e r t  A b r a m s
Norbert Abrams  Noble Caplan Abrams
         (41 6) 9 2 0-5 3 8 5

Selected Roles

Lead actress (Emma Croft), Feature / Richard Boddington
Lead actress (Bird) in Standoff, Feature / Adam Alleca
Large Principal actress (Rachel) in Saving Hope #309 / CTV
Recurring role (Little Girl) in Reign #201 / CW / Fred Gerber
Little Cosette / Little Eponine in Les Miserables, Princess of Wales Theatre / Laurence Connor, James Powell
Supporting actress (Kate) in Clara's Deadly Secret, Lifetime mow / Andrew Erin
Supporting actress (Rose Batten) in The Calling, Feature / Jason Stone
Supporting actress (Missy Mortimer) in Lunchbox Loser, CFC Short / Virginia Abramovich
Supporting actress (Jennifer) in The Captive, Feature / Atom Egoyan
Supporting actress (Karen) in Baby's First Christmas, Hallmark mow / Jonathan Wright
Felicia (Lead) in Numbers, Theatre, Kokus Productions in Factory Theatre
Lead actress in Cleo and Anouk, Independent Short / Celeste Koon
Francis Perks in The Railway Children, Theatre, Mirvish Prod / Damian Cruden
Frog in The Nutcracker, Ballet, Ballet Jorgen
Quartet and Choir in One Song Glory, Triple Threat, Acting Up Stage
Words, Hummingbird, Candyman, Pursue,etc., various student shorts

Broadwayworld 2013 Nomination
  Best Performance by a Female in a Featured Role (Musical)
36th Young Artists Awards 2015 Nomination
  Best Performance in an TV Series - Guest Starring (Reign)
35th Young Artists Award 2014 Nominations
  Best Performance in a TV Movie - Leading Young Actress(Clara's Deadly Secret)
  Best Performance in Live Theater - Young Actress (Les Miserables)
34th Young Artists Award 2013 Nominations
  BestPerformance in a TV Movie - Supporting Young Actress(Baby's First Christmas
  Best Performance in Live Theater - Young Actress (Numbers)


Classical ballet  Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Silk Acro

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